Westernpips FIX trader 3.9 arbitrage trading software

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List of updates and new features

1. Now our clients have even more brokers available for trading: Integral, Exante, Variance, Divisa Capital, Darwinex, Prime XM, CFH Clearing, Finotec, Trio Markets, FXCM FIX API, cTrader FIX, Visual Trading, PFD-NZ, FX Pig, LMAX, Rithmic, Interactive brokers

2. The ability to transferring fast quotes from the program Westernpips FIX Trader 3.9 to the any brokers trading terminals or cTrader for using in Newest Pro EAs

3. Was added window of FIX connection configuration settings

4. Now you can make any configuration a fast-slow fix broker of your choice.

5. Convenient output of log messages to the console


We present our new revolutionary product - the world's first platform for high frequency trading Westernpips Trader!

Westernpips Trader is a platform integrated with the world's largest brokers using the FIX / API technology.

Simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface

Optimized strategy code, in which the minimum time wasting passes from the arrival of the signal to the send request for open order

Built-in algorithm Latency Arbitrage

The fastest data feed providers

Simple configuration of complex FIX / API connection, even a novice available

The maximum extended trading log

Due to the structure of the program, the addition of a new broker takes up to 3 days

Pleasant design

Save / load / edit the configuration of the strategy in a separate set-file

Convenient Information Panel about the latest events

Now FIX / API trading is available to everyone

Individual settings for each user, the ability to add private brokers, available only to a specific user

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The day has come, which you all were waiting for!

Periodically Westernpips Group creates revolutionary new products that change the approach to the high frequency arbitrage trading. We present our new revolutionary product - the world's first platform for high-frequency trading Westernpips Trader!

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simple steps to start HFT trading

client authentication

  • Individual interface for each client
  • private fix/api brokers
  • Adding new brokers for private usage
  • 1 VPS or PC license for 1 software copy
  • individual instruments settings






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Output of log messages to the console




What is FIX Protocol?

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX®) Protocol has revolutionised the trading environment, proving fundamental in facilitating many of the electronic trading trends that have emerged over the past decade.

FIX has become the language of the global financial markets used extensively by buy and sell-side firms, trading platforms and even regulators to communicate trade information. This non-proprietary, free and open standard is constantly being developed to support evolving business and regulatory needs, and is used by thousands of firms every day to complete millions of transactions.

FIX is the way the world trades and it is becoming an essential ingredient in minimising trade costs, maximising efficiencies and achieving increased transparency. FIX offers significant benefit to firms keen to explore new investment opportunities; it reduces the cost of market entry with participants able to quickly communicate both domestically and internationally, in addition to significantly reducing switching costs.

The FIX Protocol language is comprised of a series of messaging specifications used in trade communications. Originally developed to support equities trading in the pre-trade and trade environment, it is now experiencing rapid expansion into the post-trade space, supporting straight-through processing (STP) from indications of interest (IOI) to allocations and confirmations. Additionally, it is witnessing significant growth in the fixed income, foreign exchange and listed derivative markets.

The FIX messaging standard is owned, maintained and developed through the collaborative efforts of FIX Trading Community™ member firms, which include many of the world's leading financial institutions. These firms work together to ensure that the standard continues to meet emerging trading requirements and to promote its increased adoption, which presents huge potential benefits across the financial community.

Who Uses FIX?

FIX® has become the way the world trades. Virtually every major stock exchange and investment bank uses FIX for electronic trading, alongside the world's largest mutual funds, money managers and thousands of smaller investment firms. Leading futures exchanges offer FIX connections and major bond dealers either have or are implementing them. Identifying an exact number of users is impossible, as FIX is a free and open standard, but it is very clear that the world's financial community now speaks FIX.

To provide an indication of how some firms use FIX, the following information has been provided. These details have been submitted voluntarily as a survey of different strategies for integrating FIX connectivity into production systems.

Market participants are invited to post information about their use of FIX on this page. To do so, please contact your firm's FIX Trading Community™ website administrator to update your company's profile.

Postings are the sole responsibility of the FIX adopter. As FIX Trading Community is independent and neutral, it does not endorse any FIX adopting firm.

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Sellers want to obtain the best available price for a security in the shortest possible time. By enabling the electronic exchange of trade-related information, FIX® compresses the time needed for price discovery and to transact. It is a free and open standard, which has become the language of the global trading community.
FIX makes it fast and easy to discover market depth across as many prospective trade counterparties as you wish. You can contact multiple counterparties - investors, dealers, alternative trading systems - with a single message, requesting or showing bids and offers as you please. Reach more people in less time, while reducing your dependency on proprietary solutions.
First, you will use FIX to power your analytics with relevant, real-time data. Then, whether you are looking to lock in an attractive spread between two securities or to re-balance your portfolio across multiple positions, the speed of price discovery and trading that FIX affords works to ensure that your investment in analytics and time spent working up trade scenarios is rewarded with realisable trades.
Time is your most precious resource. FIX enables you and your support team to spend more time on high-value activities and less on error-prone, mechanical processes.
In and of itself, connectivity is not a disintermediator. While greater connectivity may mean a more competitive environment for broker-dealers, it also provides them with new ways of satisfying customers and differentiating their services.
Hundreds of firms are already FIX-enabled and ready to communicate with you via FIX. This includes virtually all of the primary dealers and major alternative trading systems, as well as many of the largest fund complexes and money-management firms. To promote wider use of the protocol, many firms post details of their FIX communications capabilities on the FIX Trading Community™ website. This information is readily accessible via the "Who Uses FIX" section of the site.
Communicating via FIX is easy and cost-effective. You will need a FIX engine or service capable of sending, receiving, and interpreting FIX messages. You can build or buy your own engine, subscribe to a FIX network or message hub, or may even have trading partners who will provide "free" FIX connectivity as a value-added service. Specifications and service providers are readily accessible through this website.
This depends on factors such as (i) whether you presently have any FIX capabilities at all, (ii) already use FIX for stock trading, (iii) wish to have a unified FIX capability for multiple asset classes or else to have separate FIX capabilities for each asset class, (iv) prefer to build or buy your own FIX engine, or (v) choose to subscribe to a FIX network or message hub. The price often depends on architecture and design requirements. Your preferences with respect to front-end applications will also affect costs. If you do not already have an order management system ("OMS"), for example, you may wish to buy or build one. Alternatively, several vendors provide inexpensive solutions for FIX-enabling your Excel spreadsheets.
FIX works across existing networks as well as newer connectivity methods. It is a language, not a transport mechanism, so does not in and of itself increase your network/connectivity costs. You do, of course, need connectivity in order to use FIX. Traditionally, market participants have deployed dedicated circuits for message transport, and FIX is fully compatible with that approach.
A virtual private network ("VPN") is merely one transport alternative for your FIX communications, to be used only if that best suits your needs. Many firms will find a VPN to be the most convenient and economical method of connecting with other FIX-enabled firms. You may prefer one or more dedicated connections or a combination of the VPN and dedicated circuits.

FIX Products and Services

Many companies offer FIX® products and services and the below is a list of those available from FIX Trading Community™ member firms. These firms are driving change and shaping the future trading environment. If you would like to be kept abreast of updates regarding the products and services listed below, please select 'Follow' or interact with the product or service providers here.

Representatives from member firms wishing to feature products or services in the list below please contact your company's FIX Trading Community website administrator to update your company's profile.

The postings are the sole responsibility of the represented company. As an independent and neutral industry-driven organisation, FIX Trading Community does not endorse any products or services.