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Lmax Exchange

Real-Time Data Feed

LMAX Exchange - is a revolutionary platform for trading FX and CFD, which provides access to liquidity institutional level . Now you can use ultra fast quotes and find more arbitration situations into your broker.For data Lmax Exchange Trade Monitor program uses API connection (Fix Protocol). To work with this supplier quotes you need a real account. Demo account can not be used, since quotes are delayed at it for 3 seconds, compared to the real account. To open a real account requires a minimum deposit of $ 1,000 (you must use the affiliate link, or a minimum deposit of $ 10,000). You will need to fill out a form online and send the necessary documents. Necessarily need to update your account, otherwise it will block after 1-3 days. The disadvantage of this supplier quotations is that the high volatility in the market (at the time of the release of important news), Lmax Exchange disables communication and for some time quotes available. This is a big disadvantage, because the main profit adviser Newest PRO earns no news.

  • Ability to work only on a real account
  • Open a real account is quite simple (requires a minimum deposit of $ 1,000)
  • There are drawbacks when using quotes news